Colour psychology to increase bar sales

Published: 18th May 2012
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We’ve all heard about the effect colour has on the human brain. Spend just a few minutes searching the web and you’ll find countless theories about the role colour plays in the inner workings of our psyche. While these theories can vary widely on exactly which colour has which affect, one point on which they all agree is that colour can have significant and noticeable impact on the way we think, what we feel and how we behave.

The effects that colour can have include the way we perceive time, how much we enjoy our food, how likely we are to stay in a certain place and how effective we believe a placebo pill will be - and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is no doubt that colour has an extremely powerful influence on the way our minds function.

There’s already a whole suite of techniques that are applied in the hospitality sector to encourage guests and customers to spend more: up-selling, cross-selling, schmoozing, bar signage, carefully arranged back-bar displays and fronting up of bar fridge displays to mention but a few. There’s no doubt that colour already plays a key role in the bar, nightclub event image we try to portray. No one would argue that decor and lighting weren’t of key importance.

Imagine wielding the power of colour to influence your customers’ behaviour, encourage them to spend more time in your venue (or less time when you want to close), to send them subtle signals so they feel the food you’ve served is more palatable. How wonderful would it be to control the way your guests felt as the night progressed - dipping into the deepest reaches of their subconscious to make them spend more money in your venue and at the same time appeal to their conscious mind and have them comment on how stylish and uber-cool your bar is. The stuff of dreams? Maybe not.

There’s a new tool at the disposal of the nightclub owner or event manager - LED illuminated polyethylene furniture. These chairs, tables, display plinths, ice buckets and decorative forms are all rechargeable and are lit by hi-tech energy efficient LED technology. They are durable, easily cleaned, have no trailing wires and are weather resistant so are perfect for outdoor events oy busy clubs and bars. The real beauty of this equipment is that toy can choose from an entire rainbow of colours and hues by remote control allowing you to fine tune the colour and therefore the mood and feeling in your venue at the touch of a button.

So what signals should you send? Some of the studies undertaken on the effect of colour have provided valuable insight that we can tap into. For example it seems that women prefer warmer colours such as red or yellow whereas men prefer cooler colour schemes based on greens or blues - why not change the colour of your furniture to make it more attractive to one gender or another? Other studies suggest that people who are cold have a preference for warmer colours. Reds have been shown to increase appetites and make us feel time is passing more quickly whereas blues tend to relax people and slow the passing of time. Why not use this modern LED alchemy in your nightclub or bar and see if you can turn coloured lights into gold?

Find out more about LED illuminated nightclub furniture by visiting and see some of the awesome shapes available and stunning colours that can be acheived.

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